Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What I'm Playing Now

So here's some thoughts on things I am playing now.  I'll try and keep this a bit updated every now and again.

The Sims 3 (PC) - this drags me back in every now and again, aided by them bringing out expansion packs of course.  The most recent is Generations.  Now as an expansion pack so far I haven't really seen it in evidence, but I like the idea of it.  I'm not sure it fits with my playing style of The Sims, but I am looking forward to making an imaginary friend in the game (which is about imaginary friends... Go figure!).  It fades but never disappears, my love of The Sims, so I am happy to be playing it once more.

Rift (PC) - Some time ago I kicked my Warcraft habit.  It's been a while, but now I am back paying an MMO, and I have to admit it's just as addictive as ever it was.  Rift is nicely put together, it's pretty , it's slick, the talent system is nice, and it's so <em>familiar</em> that it was like putting on an old favourite jumper.

Dragon Age 2 (Xbox)- I was enjoying this a bit a while back, but it hasn't caught me in the way the first one did, and I don't know why. I should get back to it at some point.  The first game was excellent - but so far this one hasn't quite lived up to that.

LA Noire (Xbox) - I've been quite a fan of Rockstar games, and have played quite a bit of various GTA games and Red Dead, now I'm trying out LA Noire.  It's quite an engaging game, there are different things to do in it, and it draws you in.  The characters are interesting and there's some definite backstory that will hopefully become clear over playing.  I am a little worried it might be a bit easy, but so far it's an enjoyable experience.

Jack of all Tribes (iPad) - I enjoy time management games, in the vein of Dinner Dash, but they are all very similar.  It's a format that works but doesn't seem to lead to new innovation very much, so when I saw this I thought I would give it a go.  It looked like it might be a combination of time management and resource maangement.  Sadly it failed to impress - it's shockingly easy, I didn't fail at any of it's 40 or so levels.  There really was no challenge here.  Rather dissapointing.  It was pretty but that was about it.

The Heist (iPhone) - I am  not very good at puzzles, it's a fact, but I quite enjoy them.  The novelty of The 'gimmick' in the Heist is very good.  I'm not sure that they've made enough of it, but it's clever and worth the price of the game I think.  Behind that there are some moving block puzzles and soduko, connecting the pipes and a sort of remote control thing.  It's simple but it passes some time.

Doodle God (iPhone) - I have completed this now but it kept me coming back.  It's a sort of match things up game to find new stuff which you then have to match up.  It's surprisingly addictive and has some mini games in there too.  So far the mini games haven't grabbed me but I haven't yet deleted it, so they may get  a look in.

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