Thursday, 30 June 2011

Enabling Disabled Gamers

This morning I stumbled upon 'Nerd Alert', which had a video called Enabling Disabled Gamers.  I wondered if this was a vaguely inapropriate comic turn but it turns out that it's an episode of a regular video commentary on various pop-nerd-culture things.

It features a a segment where a gentleman called Chuck Bittner who describes himself as "quadriplegic stand-up comedian (okay I'm the "can't stand up" comedian) and avid video game player" talks about his petition for button remapping so he can more effectively (or in some cases at all) play console games.  That led me to his site which is called Ask A Capper which is found here. It addresses some really interesting issues about access to games and is well worth a read / watch.  

On top of that it's also well worth checking out the other Nerd Alert videos which amid the humour raise some interesting points.  Their 'back catalogue' is found here.

I should warn you that their videos contain some NSFW language.

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