Monday, 27 June 2011

iPad / e-reading / looking forward

I remember when I heard about ebooks and thought I'd never be impressed with them.  "I would never", I said, "want to read a book on a device - it's just not right"...  Well, how wrong I was - I love reading on the iPad and I am told the Kindle is a joy as well. 

With mobile gaming becoming an ever-increasing medium of game playing (who hasn't heard of Angry Birds these days) I thought that this was a great example of ways in which mobile technology can be 'exciting' and interactive and bring new life to literature.  Not to mention that of course this could be integrated with games in the future.

(For anyone who doesn't want to / can't click the link it's a link to an article about The Wasteland and it's iPad app which is pretty cool!)

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