Saturday, 18 June 2011

Memorable Games

So this is a little list of some games that I have played over the years that have made an 'impact' on me and my gaming life. I'll probably add to it as time goes on, I'll also try and write a little bit about why the games made an impression. They are in no particular order.

Sorcery on the Amstrad CPC 6128. This was my first ever game really. I was a wizard. I could cast magic spells and it was on the computer my father had bought for me to use as a word processor. (In fairness I think he enjoyed it as well!). It was heaven. In researching it for this blog I have just learnt that I might be able to download it even now. At some point I just might.

Tie Fighter allowed me to enter the Star Wars Universe and on the 'cool side'. You got to interact with Vader, the controls were complex, with lots of buttons to press, and for it's time it looked amazing. I'm not really a fan of flying shooting games, but this had me hooked - I bought the expansion pack and everything. It was awesome.

Baldurs Gate (1&2) - Hours of fun with amusing parties, secret liches in basements, and a whole heap of quests to do (and expansions). Baldur's gate felt really close to an actual tabletop roleplaying game and it provided many hours of entertainment. The real beauty of it was that you could adapt your party to include different characters and that would lead to different interactions along the way. There was wit and drama in equal measures. "Go for the eyes Boo!"

Streets of Rage II was the first console game I got really into, it was on the Sega Megadrive. You could play it cooperatively with your friends and it was non stop action. Pretty much literally. Especially the lift level. Gods, I still remember that lift level!

Sim City / The Sims (1&2&3) I first played sim city in a computer class at school. It was great to play games at school and call it working! That led to playing The Sims. I will undoubtedly write more about The Sims at some later date, but I find it enthralling and fascinating how it works as a game in which you really can follow paths you want to and the different ways it can be played.

Everquest & World of Warcraft are the two MMOs I've played the most, and I got quite addicted to both. I've raided, crafted, instanced and grinded away with the best of them. Well, with some damn fine people anyway. I've made real-life friends whom I treasure and lost countless hours of my life to them. Love them or hate them they are important parts of my gaming history!

Final Fantasy VII was the first game I queued up to buy and what convinced me to buy a playstation and it was great. Sephiroth remains an endearing antagonist to this day and despite the infuriating ridiculously long fights sometimes it kept you coming back for more. I played some of the other FF games but none of them captured me as thoroughly as this offering.

GTA San Andreas was the first GTA game I played a lot and although 4 was incredible it was this that really introduced me to open world games. I like the free roaming go where you want (ish) style and the antihero / villain personna.

Silent Hill I remember sitting up with my house mate playing this. I remember hearing the crackling radio and getting him to play the next bit. Barring the dogs jumping through the window in Resident Evil it was the first time I got to grips with a game really effecting your emotions through fear!

Mass Effect 2 & Dragon Age which I have lumped together because I played them very close together and loved them both equally. I liked the interactions between your party, I loved the storytelling and the way they were put together. They were great fun to play through and extremely memorable for the emotions they evoked, and the difficult decisions they forced you to make.

Lips is a bit from the left-field in this collection in suppose, but I'm a big fan of karaoke and singing is good for the soul, so it gets an honourable mention.

Batman Arkham Asylum earns it's place here - I've always been a batman fan and I think Rocksteady did a fantastic job of brining him to life in this game, the fight mechanic was stunning and great fun to use. I voicing was wonderful and the game was just fun! Rarely to 'beat-em-ups' hold my attention, but this one managed it hook line and bat-sinker.

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