Monday, 11 July 2011

What I'm Playing Now 2

So in an effort to stay vaguely current I thought I'd update this page, it might be something I try to do monthly.  I should say that I am terrible at sticking with something from beginning to end so I do quite often dot about between games.  Last months update is here.

I'm still playing LA Noire, about which I will write in more depth at some point.  I can't help but think it's too easy at the moment...  Sims 3 still amuses me and Rift still calls me back a bit as well.

I have indulged in the Steam sale over the last few weeks and picked up some things that I wanted which I saw on offer and couldn't resist.  I can't help but notice that it is the month of the sequel!

The Witcher 2 - I enjoyed the first story of Geralt and invested in the second.  So far (and it hasn't seen much air yet) it's very pretty, it's very smooth but there's a lot of cutscene.  I think more than gameplay as yet.  But time will tell.  It's also quite unforgiving, so lots of saving is par for the course.

I also invested in Bioshock, the original game because everyone tells me how amazing it is.  I am pretty impressed so far and it was £3.49 which I think makes me a winner!  (This game somewhat dissapointingly though doesn't fit in with the month of the sequel so I rectify that below!)

Portal 2 was another reduced buy because lots of people rave about it.  Perhaps I will be too, certainly I'm impressed so far.

And finally for now I bought Neverwinter Nights 2...  My inner geek couldn't resist it for £5 with change!  I'm looking forward to playing it.  I didn't try the dungeon designing thing in number 1, but intend to in this version. 

All of this ended up with me investing in a new graphics card as well - I thought mine could handle the pace but I was proved wrong.  I have to recommend the helpfulness of the people at PC World - they knew exactly what they were talking about and I got a great deal with a card that was on sale.  Hooray. 

I have been somewhat snowed under with work of late so none of the games have seen enough play time, but in months to come I am sure they will get some hours of enjoyment / frustration thrown at them!


  1. NWN2 was such an incredible game! The entire franchise was epic. Apparently there is a NWN mmo in the pipeline?!

    The world designer in NWN1 was far more user friendly and clean than the NWN2 one, however I hear the 2nd one is obviously more powerful once you know what you're doing! I'm sure it won't be a problem for you.

  2. So - have you designed some games on NWN2 Tony? I'd be interested to see :)

  3. Sorry. Always forget to subscribe to posts, so don't see replies!

    I've not designed anything on NWN2! I did quite a lot on NWN1, as it was a lot more gui/basic coding, but the 2nd was alot more complex. I know Tiffer did quite a bit with the 2nd one afaik. He probably doesn't have anything anymore though. We spent an entire summer playing on a created persistant world with NWN1. Good stuff...