Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Progress Update

Gosh it's very hot isn't it!! <melt>

So I thought I would write a quick update on my progress as things are going, it's been a while since I've written one!

Finding a job is proving to be very difficult!  I knew that was going to be the case and I am luck enough to have a job which pays my bills and things and are understanding enough to indulge me nipping off to interviews... Not that I've had loads!  The ones I have had have been informative and interesting though and I have learnt more by doing them.

However all is not doom and gloom by any means.  I have been lucky enough to work with the brilliant Anna Marsh on a number of projects for her company Lady Shotgun, it has provided some hugely valuable experience and I have made it onto their website!  This really is a very exciting moment of 'recognition' for me and I am thrilled about it.  Here's a screenshot:

and here's a link to the page.

Hooray. The additional news is that, not only have I done a bit of design work for them but I am now about to start work on a game for them too, due out <gulp> some time around Christmas, and it's a game I helped write the initial design document for, so that's very exciting!

So, all go!  Apologies for a lack of updates for the last couple of months, service to be resumed.

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