Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Adventures at Eurogamer

Eurogamer was nice.  Which is to say that I had quite a good time there.  I wasn't blown away by very much but it was certainly worth going.

Notably I tried the new Sim City (Which I think, just to confuse old-timers is called Sim City), it played nicely in the brief go I had at it, and had a similar feel to the old games.  In fact if you imagine Sim City crossed with windows 7 (or the microsoft ribbon perhaps) then you'd be quite accurate.  I thought that it looked a bit more cartoon-y than the most recent Sim City that I have played, a bit more like The Sims.  But again, it played well and I took some glee in building a power station in the middle of their test city and then building houses around it.  I'd love to know what happened!

I tried the new Tomb Raider game, which really lived up to all that I had heard about it.  Now, that left me with mixed feelings.  It played quite well, although as a friend of mine said, it lost some credibility when you couldn't fall off the log in the tutorial!  The graphics were nice, the sound was good and I liked that I was thrown into doing some hunting straight away - it seems like there might be some interesting mechanics there.  What I also felt was that all the things I've heard about it being 'uncomfortable to play' were accurate.  Now let me say that there wasn't the 'threat of sexual violence' which I have heard mentioned from others, but there was a lot of Lara being hurt and in a grim situation.  When she fell she was in pain, when she jumped it felt difficult.  It felt 'trying' and I am not sure in a pleasant way.  The other thing that was noted by people I was there with was that she seemed to be (when on the walkie-talkie) a girl in need of help from men.  Now it was only the beginning and perhaps this was the start of a Lara who learns empowerment from the game, but if not then it will be a slightly depressing trend.  I'm left with mixed feelings on the game truth be told.

I didn't try but saw other people trying the new Assassins Creed.  It looked pretty spectacular.  There was some sneaking around with a mean looking crossbow and some sailing of ships which looked very well done.  I have enjoyed the Assassins Creed games thus far and this looks like a nice new installment.  They had very nice artwork too.

Fable: The Journey was an interesting experience.  I think I'd have had a better time of it if I had used a Kinect more before, as I found the way to throw fireballs accurately quite tricky, but I was quite impressed.  It looked like a pretty game and the experience was interesting.  Would I want to play it for many hours?  It's hard to say, but I can see where the appeal might be.  My problems certainly weren't with the game itself, but with the Kinect (having no buttons is such an issue).  The developer there from Lionhead was lovely though and great to talk to.

Watching Tokyo Jungle was an odd experience - you play an animal on the Tokyo streets which have been taken over by other animals and you need to hunt and stay alive.  So it seems a bit like GTA but with animals Bear in mind however that by the looks of it you get to start as either a Monkjack or a Pomerian.  So it's like GTA but you're playing the postman!  It does look like you get to unlock other things like dinosaurs and the people playing it were clearly having great fun!  I was going to put in my pictures of Tokyo Jungle, but actually the box sums up the game so wonderfully:

Hitman Absolution looked very good and Dishonourerd seemed to be grabbing a lot of interest.  X-com looked like a lot of fun.  Needless to say about a billion people (I have exaggerated for effect) Call of Duty 49 Black Ops 36 (numbers have been changed to protect the innocent) was grabbing a lot of attention too.

I came away having enjoyed the experience but I can't say that I was blown away by very much and I was surprised how similar a lot of the games looked.  There was a lot of FPS games or stealth assassin-y types.

It's worth mentioning that Earls Court, as ever puts on a great event (although the water was expensive!)

I await the next 'new thing' with excitement, but I'm not sure I saw it at Eurogamer.

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