Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Money Where My Mouth Is

So, in an effort to sort of put my money where my mouth is, and more importantly to please my godson (who is 9) I made him a little game.  It IS very simple but it works, and that was what I was aiming for. 

I thought I'd post it here mostly to see how to do it!  This probably isn't the best way to upload files that can be downloaded but I am still looking for good ways to do that!

So anyway without further ado, you can download it from here

It's called Zac Wars 2 and when you click the link you click Free Download and then have to wait 60 seconds.  It's worth mentioning too that it will tell you that the publisher can't be verified.  That's because it's me!!

I've since then put it up on a public folder on dropbox which is a much more efficient way of popping it up here of course!

It's worth noting that that will download an .exe file which you can then click to play.  It's not virus infested.  Well not as far as I know!!

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