Sunday, 23 October 2011

Time Flies When You're...

... Working Really Hard.

So we're four weeks into the course at Brunel, already.  It's going great so far, and so in no particular order:

My journey in has got considerably more successful - I've discovered that there's a bus that goes almost directly to the university from almost directly outside my door.  This is quite a bonus and although it often gets me in very early it means that I have time to muse over things before we start and generally feel ready for the day, as well as sitting chatting with other people before we begin our class with some pretty good coffee!

On Wednesdays we have a design class which is deals with the practical elements and strategies of games design, it's a great class full of opinions and exercises.  Thursdays we have a theory class followed by a theory / business class.  It's allayed some of my fears so far with disucssion, note-taking and discussion of what the theory means in the 'real world' which is great.

On top of that we have at least three pieces of essential reading per week, which is normally a book and 2 papers or some variation of that.  There's a list of secondary reading too, which I would love to get to more of, but might realistically be something to look up more of later.  I'm learning to use MMF (multimedia fusion) which is a piece of software to help you deisgn games as well. 

That's before we get to 'assignment work' - so it's quite busy and taking a lot of time, but at the same time it's quite fulfilling and I am enjoying it a great deal,  I am massively looking forward to hearing some of the guest speakers and now looking forward to working in a team with some of the other students on the course on some of our assignments, we have a good year I think, and although it's going to be over all too soon I'm trying to take every opportunity on it that I can.

Here's hoping.

My Draft Essay 1 on which I've made 'a few' edits!

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