Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Exciting Times?

It seems to be an exciting time for games & things that I am interested in and for my games stuff in general, here's a quick summary for things I am looking forward to.

I am about to start my Masters Degree in Games design which is very exciting.  I am about to start running a tableop WFRP campaign using a couple of interesting tools and the excellent looking WFRP 3E rules.  I have discovered podcasts and am listening to various gaming ones.  It's a great way to pass the time whilst washing up or walking to work!

In games I have just bought Space Marine - I have always liked the Warhammer 40k setting - the whole techpriest, god-emperor feel is very stylish.  It's a nicely put together game, I fear it may be a bit short, but there is a whole world of expansion possible that I forsee in the future.  I'll be interested to see where it goes.  The multiplayer is fun too - a lot like CoD but I enjoyed it more last night than I did that 'classic'.

Starwars: The Old Republic, The Secret World are both MMOs that excite me.  I fear they may eat some time in the coming months.  If SWTOR dissapoints then a little part of me will die inside - I am perhaps a little over excited about this one.  By contrast Secret World looks interesting and will be a gem if it works. 

On the Xbox there is Batman Arkham City - Arkham Asylum was a terrific game, and following that there is the latest Assassins Creed game and Elder Scrolls V and Silent Hill: Downpour.  It's a lot of games, and sadly there is only so much time in the day.  Perhaps we could arrange for there to be one added?

FFG are also still releasing their Lord of the Rings Card Games, which are excellent (1 per month) and have announced a big expansion later in the year called the Khazad-dûm Expansion and in December are releasing the next WFRP expansion, The Lure of Power.  Exciting Times.

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